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Wednesday, May 11, 2005


*(apologies to Dick Giordano)

It's been quiet around these parts, no? That's because Bryan is off in L.A. for a bit and I just returned from a week in New York. L.A.? New York? It's like our own version of Midnight Nation. But fear not, we'll be returning to more Comic Geek Speak fun soon enough. Once Bryan returns we'll be putting up Episode #20. It seems like the "anniversary" podcasts just happen to be very special and this one is no exception. Prepare to be thrown back in time to your childhood days when you hear what we have in store for #20.

Beyond that we are lining up some more interviews, creating new segments and anxiously preparing for Wizard World Philly '05. So in the meanwhile, come on over and join our Message Board Forum. Let us know your thoughts, comments, ideas, etc. And don't forget to send in your Stump the Rios questions, your audio Geek of the Day rants as well as participating in the Stump the Audience contests.

Who loves ya' baby?


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