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Sunday, April 24, 2005

Episode 14

Put away your Hula Hoops kids, it's time for more sugary Comic Geek Speak goodness.

Episode 14 on MP3

Show Notes:

Guest starring: Jamie and Kevin

Getting to Know Us: Jamie gives us the lowdown on how and when he started reading comics

Comics and Colleges: Brief discussion on the few comics that actually get attention in college courses and why comics could be more than just disposable entertainment

Family Guy: New episodes starting Sunday May 1! Find out why Bryan won't be watching.

Conventions: The gang give the highlights, the lowlights, the dos and don'ts on Comic Book Conventions. From Wizard World Philly 2005 to San Diego Con 2005. Whether it's finding that special gem in the .50c box, checking out the panels, meeting our favorite pros in Artists Alley, or standing behind that one fanboy who wants 30 books signed, we love conventions. Think of this as a How-To Guide (or Survival Guide depending on your experience)!

Stump the Rios: Peter defies the odds and gets 3 out of 3, his second sweep! Hosted by Kevin


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