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Wednesday, May 04, 2005

Episode 18

Get ready to pull on the boots and tie up the cape, it's time for a new episode.

Episode 18 on MP3

Show Notes

Guest Starring Jamie and Matt (and Bryan's dogs)

Coming Attractions for July 05

Stump the Rios hosted by Matt, Peter gets 1 of 3

Geek of the Day Our first entry. Listener Ryan Johnson gives us his review of JM Straczysnki and Gary Frank's Midnight Nation

Independent Comics hosted by Jamie, two comic companies are highlighted: IDW and Burlyman Comics

Getting to Know Us Matt lets us know what his first comic was and gives us his "Why are you still in comics?" list

Websites mentioned: www.batmobilehistory.com, http://superfrankenstein.blogspot.com, www.megatokyo.com


  • Hey guys,

    Thanks for the heads up on the new Marvel Team Up book. The name Robert Kirkman rang a bell with me but it wasn't until i got to the comic shop today (had to stop in for my Free Comic, right?) that I realized that Kirkman writes Invincible. I had picked up a copy of the 50 cent issue of Invincible and had really enjoyed it. The shop owner is going to get copies of the Trades in for me. In the meantime I picked up the first six issues of MTU and am very impressed! Comics the way they should be, fun! Have any of you been reading Kirkman's Fantastic Four - Foes? (I think that was it...) This is definitely someone whose work I will keep up with. The artist on MTU is really good as well

    Hope my audio comment was listenable. I did it in the car (sometimes I feel as If I live in the freakin' car!) and I noticed a lot of backgroud noise but hoped it was okay...

    By Anonymous Bruce R, at 4:32 PM  

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