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Monday, May 02, 2005

Episode 17

More fun than a barrel of monkies. It's Comic Geek Speak.

Episode 17 on MP3

Show Notes

guest starring Jamie and Matt

Listener Emails from Bruce Rosenberger of http://dutchydigest.tripod.com and Los Comic Geekos. The Crusaders are brought up again. If you've been watching, can you spot Peter as a thug in both Episode #1 and #2?

Important Dates in Comic History: May What creator shares Bryan's birthday? When did Thor receive his first #1 issue? And who can ever forget the Nick Fury Agent of SHIELD telefilm? Find out even more.

Eisner Nominations for 2004 The gang takes a look at the highlights for the Eisener NOMINEE LIST 2005 Awards which can be found here.

Stump the Rios audio hosted by Chris from http://collectedcomicslibrary.blogspot.com, Peter is stumped with 0 out of 3.


  • Peter...way to stick with the Titans even though you may not like the artist/writer. I've been collecting Uncanny X-men since 1980 and I have seen some really shitty books. Loyalty is important these days especially with the fact that the major two have no loyalty toward us readers as far as the creators go. They add and drop creators like nothing. Good job. The podcast rocks.

    By Blogger tympanum, at 10:38 AM  

  • Thanks!

    It's the Titans. How can I NOT buy those issues. I didn't leave when Dan Jurgens did his version, or when they had that crappy kids plotline going on through Jay Faerber's "the Titans" run...not even when they were sticking aluminum foil on their heads at the end of "the Titans" run (I KID YOU NOT!). Titans Together!!

    By Blogger Peter, at 4:03 PM  

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