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Thursday, August 31, 2006


The following pair of comics from the current September Previews (for books shipping in November) are our picks for this month's Indie Challenge. Each are discounted from the original cover price. Preorder your copies (and a few for your friends!) at Discount Comic Book Service.

By Josh Howard. Journey back to a time when magic still thrived, dragons and fallen gods roamed the earth and man was just a myth. The Garden of Eden was a place of perfect peace and tranquility. That is, until its keeper, Adam, went missing. Now, his newly created wife, Eve, must venture outside the safety of the Garden for the first time to go in search of her husband, all the while battling monsters, beast men, wizards, demons, and even the gods themselves. 32 pages, full color. Preview Page 349, product code: SEP063625. $3.25 cover price, DCBS price $1.78 (45% off). For more info go HERE.

NIGHTLY NEWS #1 (of 6) (Image)
By Jonathan Hickman. "I'm mad as hell, and I'm not going to take this anymore!" As an act of violence spirals out of control to encompass the entirety of the news media, a cult emerges from the errors and retractions that have ruined careers, marriages and even lives. Under direction from his cult master, the Hand leads an army of followers committed to revolution, willing to die for their cause. 32 pages, full color. Previews page 140, product code: SEP061787. $2.99 cover price, DCBS price .74c (75% off - limit 2). Estimated ship date: Nov. 1.

By Nate Powell. This book collects four autobiographical stories, each linked by a series of open questions on work, mental disorders, aging, punk rock, developmental disabilities, horror movies, and a little unrequited love to boot. Recognized for his publications Tiny Giants and It Disappears, as well as his signature dream-like, luscious, and meticulous illustrations (reminiscent of Craig Thompson and Farel Dalrymple), this is Nate Powell's most direct and concrete work to date - guaranteed to engage your brain and dazzle your senses. 40 pages, B & W. Previews page 348, product code SEP063611. $3.95 cover price, DCBS price $2.17 (45% off). For more info go HERE.

RUSSIAN SUNSET #1 (of 5) (Desperado)
By Ron Marz, Mirko Colak and Bart Sears. Crime story and espionage thriller meet head on! Nik is a soldier for the Russian mob in Brighton Beach, Brooklyn - a strong arm when there's dirty work to be done. His latest assignment sends him back to mother Russia, where he'll be drawn into a web that includes brutal gangsters, seductive spies, fanatical terrorists and a stolen nuclear warhead. But even surrounded by such intrigue, it's Nik himself who harbors the most shocking secret of all. 32 pages, B & W. Previews page 142, product code SEP061789. $3.99 cover price, DCBS price $1.99 (50% off). Estimate ship date: Nov. 15. For more info go HERE.

Help support these comics as they enter the marketplace and stay tuned for an upcoming episode with the creators of each pick. Any DCBS customer that wants to add the books to their pre-existing order can e-mail DCBS.

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