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Tuesday, May 09, 2006


The following four comics from the current May Previews (for books shipping in July) are our picks for this month's Indie Challenge. Each are discounted from the original cover price. Preorder your copies (and a few for your friends!) at DCBService.

A DUMMY’S GUIDE TO DANGER #1 (of 4) (Viper Comics)
By Jason M. Burns & Ron Chan. Combining elements of humor, mystery and horror, private investigator Alan Sirois and his partner Mr. Bloomberg - a paraplegic ventriloquist dummy that Alan believes was shot in the back by an assailant and became crippled when the bullet lodged in his spine - track down a gruesome killer known only as the Flesh Collector. 32 pages, Full Color. Preview Page 366, product code: MAY063451. $3.25 cover price, DCBS price $1.78 (45% off). Estimated Ship Date: 07/26/06. Mature Themes! For more info go HERE.

DAMAGED #1 (A-10 Comics)
By Jason McKee, M.D. Bright, & Hi-Fi. Centuries ago, humans were different. They possesed abilities that would seem miraculous to modern man. Somehow, that all changed, and human beings became the normal descendants of apes that populate the world today. That is, until an asteroid from a dead planet collides with Earth, unlocking the secrets of the human DNA code with its impact. Can one man be responsible, and are his motives aimed at benefitting all of mankind? Or is he out to destroy those who are even now discovering these once-hidden secrets? Discover who the Damaged really are in this incredible new ongoing series chronicling a struggle that will either save us from ourselves, or rip the world apart! 32 pages, full color. Preview page 244, product code: MAY062901. $2.99 cover price, DCBS price $1.64 (45% off). Estimated Ship Date: 07/26/06. For more info go HERE.

OF BITTER SOULS #1 (Markosia)
By Chuck Satterlee & Norm Breyfogle. One year later. After learning that they have been chosen to be an army for good at the end of days, the team has to figure out how to deal with the news. All four members have dealt with it in their own way, and those ways are not always healthy. The only thing that could possibly get the team back together again: A zombie out break right in the middle of Mardi Gras! Three covers by Breyfogle, McEvoy and Kudranski. 36 pages, Full Color. Preview page 326, Product Code: MAY063274. $3.50 cover price, DCBS price $1.92 (45% off). Estimated Ship Date: 07/26/06. For more info go HERE.

UTF #1 (Ape Entertainment)
Undead Task Force by Scott Reynolds & Tone Rodriguez. Now at its new home with Ape Entertainment! Since the founding of America, there has been a darkness at work that the general population knows nothing about. But there is an elite corp of soldiers ready to deal with the things that go bump in the night; The UTF. Zombies and Vampires are real and when an outbreak occurs the UTF moves in for the kill. While dealing with the Zombie outbreak in New Orleans, the UTF gets called back to Los Angeles, where the LA City Prison has been turned vampiric. The UTF must not only kill off everyone in the Prison, but also make sure that none of them manage to escape. 32 pages, Full Color. Preview Page 231, product code: MAY062861. $2.99 cover price, DCBS price $1.49 (50% off). Estimated Ship Date: 06/21/06. Mature Themes. For a preview of #1, go HERE. For a preview of #2, go HERE.

Help support these comics as they enter the marketplace. And don't forget to check out Indie Challenge picks from previous months:



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