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Tuesday, June 13, 2006


The following four comics from the current June Previews (for books shipping in August) are our picks for this month's Indie Challenge. Each are discounted from the original cover price. Preorder your copies (and a few for your friends!) at DCBService.

REX MUNDI #1 (Dark Horse)
By Arvid Nelson & Juan Ferreyra. A quest for the Holy Grail or a murder mystery? This bold, critically-acclaimed series joins the Dark Horse line! In a Europe where the Catholic Church dominates and sorcery determines political power, Master Physician Julien Sauniere must infiltrate a mysterious cult with a thousand-year-old secret that calls into question the root of all power in Europe, as well as the origins of Christianity itself! Featuring a cover by J.H.Williams III. 32 pages, Full Color. Previews Page 34, product code: JUN060035. $2.99 cover price, DCBS price $1.49 (50% off). Estimated Ship Date: 08/16/06. For more info go HERE.

SHARK-MAN #1 (Thrill House)
By Ronald Shussett, Michael Town, Dave Elliot & Steve Pugh. This is the story of a death-row prisoner forced to protect a Utopian society from the cancer of organized crime. Imagine 1930s Chicago crossed with a futuristic Venice, Italy. Tom Gaskill was falsely convicted of his father's murder and the theft of the city's wealth. Now he must protect New Venice City, the ocean city his father built, with the help of a submarine designed to be the ocean's greatest weapon. Even from within the confines of the prison, Tom manages to battle the dark forces on the outside! 32 pages, full color. Preview Page 328, product code: JUN063365. $3.99 cover price, DCBS price $2.19 (45% off). For more info go HERE.

SILENT GHOST #1 (Markosia)
By George T. Singley, Thien Do & Brett Weldele. Kung Fu Master Qin embarks on a deadly journey to save the monks' sacred doctrine from the broken sects of the criminal Vaijian Confederacy. Jaina - a female monk from the confederacy - has other plans for Qin and his enlightened sect... mainly slaughter! Can Qin stop Jaina and her deadly monks before they steal the TRipitaka scriptures and destroy all that is? Qin's only savior may be in a far off land where the Bushido reigns. 36 pages, Full Color. Previews page 310, Product Code: JUN063259. $3.50 cover price, DCBS price $1.92 (45% off). For more info go HERE.

WHISPER #1 (Boom Studios)
By Steven Grant & Joseph Cooper. Steven Grant's legendary First Comics heroine is back – as an all-new, all-different character! In New Orleans on the eve of Katrina, a collection of privatized black ops gather to provide security for a special mission: security for a drugs-for-weapons swap. Into this gathering steps a woman - the new Whisper. Who may or may not be the woman they think she is, a woman who's supposed to be dead, is very skilled and precise at violence and seems to have useful gaps in her memory. Whoever she is, whatever her agenda, her skills make her invaluable to the man commanding the mission, and he's willing to use her until she runs out of uses. This is an all-new re-imagining, Ultimates-and-All-Star-style, of the legendary First Comics franchise, in mood and spirit much closer to 100 BULLETS than ELEKTRA! 24 pages, full color. Previews page 247, product code: JUN062973. $3.99 cover price, DCBS price $2.19 (45% off). For more info go HERE.

Help support these comics as they enter the marketplace and stay tuned for an upcoming episode with the creators of each pick. Any DCBS customer that wants to add the books to their pre-existing order can e-mail DCBS.

And don't forget to check out Indie Challenge picks from previous months:



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