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Monday, April 03, 2006


The following four comics from the current April Previews (for books shipping in June) are our picks for this month's Indie Challenge. Each are discounted from the original cover price. Preorder your copies (and a few for your friends!) at DCBService.

by Joe Casey & Julia Bacellar. A new one-shot villain book in the vein of Mark Waid's Empire, Mark Millar's Wanted, and DC's Villains United! The mob's going to war with super-villain organization S.L.A.S.H. while the mysterious super-villain known as The Black Plague goes to war with them both. It's a look into the criminal underworld in a super-powered reality as various factions battle for power. Full color. Regular Price: $3.99. DCBS price $2.19. Previews page 249, Product Code: APR063023. Estimated Ship Date: 06/28/06. Check out more info HERE.

by B. Clay Moore & Jeremy Haun. There's more to the world's hottest actor than sexy starlets, tabloid gossip, and primo parts, because Nick Walker isn't just a Hollywood hunk, he's also the world's greatest super spy! When a routine investigation off the coast of France turns up a terrorist training facility, Nick Walker must juggle espionage and screen time in the first installment of this sexy, action-packed, full-color mini-series! Mature Themes. Full color. Regular Price: $3.50. DCBS price $1.75. Previews page 318, Product Code: APR063291. Estimated Ship Date: 06/21/06. Check out more info HERE.

MIDNIGHT SUN #1 (Amaze Ink/Slave Labor Graphics)
by Ben Towle. The year is 1928 and an Italian airship expedition to the North Pole has mysteriously disappeared. As a worldwide search effort gears up, a down-on-his-luck American newspaper reporter is dispatched to the top of the Earth to cover the event. The first of a six-issue series from Eisner nominee Ben Towle! B & W. Regular Price: $2.95. DCBS price $1.47. Previews page 224, Product Code: APR062883. Estimated Ship Date: 06/28/06. Check out more info HERE.

REVERE #1 (Alias)
by Ed Lavallee & Grant Bond. History tells us the signal that blazed to life in the steeple of the Old North Church was to warn of British troops on the move. But in reality, the warning had a more sinister message...werewolves were coming! Revere tracks a werewolf to a secluded cabin, where he is sure he has cornered the beast. But the colonial soon finds himself torn between upholding his oath to protect the colonies, and sparing a young boy's life! Full color. Regular Price: $3.50, DCBS price $1.92. Previews page 221, Product Code: APR062862. Estimated Ship Date: 06/28/06. Check out more info HERE.

Help support these comics as they enter the marketplace. And don't forget to check out Indie Challenge picks from previous months:



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