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Wednesday, August 30, 2006


The following four comics from the July Previews (for books shipping in September) are our picks for the Indie Challenge. Each are discounted from the original cover price. Preorder your copies (and a few for your friends!) at DCBService.

CROSS BRONX #1 (Image)
By Michael Avon Oeming & Ivan Brandon. Oeming returns to full art duties in violent noir fashion with a twist of the paranormal as the Cross Bronx shows you NY at its highs and lows. When an assassin targets dozens of low-level gangbangers all over the city, Detective Ortiz must look to a comatose girl for the answers.Featuring a fully painted variant cover by Esad Ribic. 32 pages, Full Color. Previews Page 132, product code: JUL061675. $2.99 cover price, DCBS price $1.49 (50% off). Estimated Ship Date: 09/13/06. For more info go HERE.

E-MAN RECHARGED #1 (Digital Webbing)
By Cuti, Staton & Webb. E-Man, the pure energy being from the stars, returns to comics in this all-new, full-color, extra-sized story. The original creators reunite E-Man with his girlfriend Nova Kane and their arch-nemesis, the Brain from Sirius. It's all-out action, adventure and fun in the proud E-Mn tradition. 32 pages, full color. Preview Page 272, product code: JUL063100. $3.99 cover price, DCBS price $2.19 (45% off). For more info go HERE.

MONSTER PARADE #1 (Fantagraphics)
By Ben Catmull. Creator Catmull creates a fantastical comic world where all manner of creatures great and small co-exist with humans like a force of nature. In this first issue, a young boy witnesses a series of giant monsters bringing forth a great rain. Later, a crotchety old professor has the limits of his patience and personal safety tested on board a train in "Monster Express". Then, in "Civilization Studies Illustrated", a provincial town deals with a host of insect and bird creatures as well as nightly bear floods. Rendered in lovely two colors! 32pages. Preview page 277, product code: JUL063132. $3.95 cover price, DCBS price $2.17 (45% off). For more info go HERE.

SPECIAL EDUCATION #1 (National Press)
by David Dwonch. What happens when a powerless teenage boy gets sent to a superhero high school? He gets sent to the remedial class, of course! Under the tutelage of the reformed evil mastermind Doctor Zero, Ed Warble and Co. learn just what it means to be heroes - one misadventure at a time! 32 pages. Previews page 306, product code: JUL063132. $2.99 cover price, DCBS price $1.64 (45% off). For more info go HERE.

Help support these comics as they enter the marketplace and stay tuned for an upcoming episode with the creators of each pick. Any DCBS customer that wants to add the books to their pre-existing order can e-mail DCBS.

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