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Monday, September 26, 2005

Episode 60

Get the lowdown on original artwork, and lots of other CGS goodness.

Episode 60 on MP3

Show Notes

Starring: Bryan, Kevin, Jamie, Peter

Official CGS Website Announcement www.comicgeekspeak.com is up and running so hop on over! Galleries, Freking Sweer!, Show Pages and more!

Listener Emails Owning and buying original comic art

Podcasts Plug LT of ireadcomics.blogspot.com talks about Watchmen

Stump the Rios from Gene in Australia, how much did Peter pay in this time?

CGS Countdown to Infinite Crisis War of the Gods and Armageddon 2001!

Geek of the Day from Chris responding to our discussion about comics becoming female friendly and chatting up female Comic Geeks

Websites mentioned: www.comicartfans.com, www.gettingby.net


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