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Thursday, November 03, 2005

Episode 72

All is pleasant in the rivalry between Marvel and DC. Yeah right! It's been a long standing tradition for the big two to go at it. Is this good or bad? We also take a look at this month's Previews and Shane updates us on the world of toys.

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  • Bryan,
    My brother is a pilot for a private jet company, Netjets. They have many famous clients among them, Tom Clancy. When he flew Mr. Clancy and family to England some time ago, Clancy came up to visit in the cockpit and finding out that both my brother and the other pilot were retired Marine Helicopter pilots, stayed on talking for over 3 hours. When they landed he invited them out for drinks the next evening at a private club in the Tower of London (he is an honorary member) and they talked a bunch more.
    I keep looking for Glenn in one of his books! LOL!

    The other thing is that you should try out one of Ian Fleming's James Bond novels. If the movies are all you've seen, you'll be VERY surprised to find that Bond is a totally different character. He is not nearly as "cocksure" of himself as he is in the movies, and indeed, is usually close to death at the end of most of the books! He generally gets by by perseverance and sheer will. He also does not use ANY super secret spy gadgets. Shy away from Casino Royale and The Spy Who loved me until you've read some of the others. Neither is a good introduction. Dr No, or Goldfinger would be my recommendations. Fleming is actually, as a rule, a very good writer. In fact one of my favorite chapters has to do with a flight across the atlantic in Diamonds Are Forever. Very evocative of what it must have been like to fly in 1952. (One of the weaker moments is in Goldfinger when Pussy Galore annouces that she's been "cured" of being a lesbian after meeting a real man. Sheesh!)

    By Blogger Bruce R, at 8:04 PM  

  • I wonder if you guys will devote an episode to house of m with spoilers in a few weeks. Maybe read emails to see how we feel about the mini.

    By Blogger darrel, at 8:23 PM  

  • Someone mentioned an Anime movie with Keifer Sutherland voice acting. That would be Armitage III:Poly Matrix. I actually liked it. I don't think Glenn Close ever did any voice acting for Gibli movies, though.

    By Blogger Kin, at 8:06 AM  

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