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Wednesday, October 12, 2005

Episode 65

Contests, Previews, and Dates. Oh My!

Episode 65 on MP3


  • Congrats sir's a fine show. Sadly It is my duty to provide you with the 1% of non blowjob like compliments. I wish to merely thank Jamie for taking what I may now refer to as " verbal constipation". Now I know he is the beloved poster child of schiznit, and his pimp hand (though im sure due to it's size is more like a catchers mit)is way strong, this poor fella keeps sucking the life out of the show. A quickfire discussion and debate may rage on and suddenly the verbal constipation grinds the show to a halt. Of course these words have been said before but with the sad little joy of my day is listening to new podcasts ( I do have a few others ). The flow is broken up much like dealing with a non english speaking slow witted monkey whom doesn't understand how to operate an answering machine. Am I asking him to stop No a break LORD FUCK YES. One week and prove me wrong. I know I know this is the hater-ade comment, I am asying what at least 10 other people are thinking but are scared to say in fear of shattering the egos of the group. Now in respomse one would produce an all Jamie episode to piss that 1% off and drive them insane, I am asking to try it once, and Ask people to respond ( as I know that Jamie has his fluffer fans). Please Keep up the good work and remember this is not personal.If it were the slanderess hate would be riddling this comment/post.

    By Anonymous Jeff, at 4:51 PM  

  • Jeff,

    * Congrats sir's... -
    Apostrophes denote possession. They do not make a word plural.

    * ...though im sure due to it's size... -
    I+am = I'm (note the apostrophe and capital I)
    its = possessive (an exception to the apostrophe rule)
    it's = it+is

    * ...catchers mit... -
    catcher's, not catchers (again with the apostrophes!)
    mitt, not mit

    * ...monkey whom doesn't understand...
    It's actually who. Nice try, moron.

    * ...I am asying what...
    asying? Try saying.

    * ...Now in respomse...
    respomse? Try response.

    * ...the slanderess hate...
    It's slanderous, douchebag.

    And my favorite...

    * ...this is not personal.
    Really? Because it sounds damn personal. Your comment is littered with personal insults. Typing the words it's not personal do not magically make it so.

    Jamie and the rest of the guys are speaking extemporaneously. (That means off the cuff, retard.) This is not easy to do. And once something is said, they can't un-say it. So, what's your excuse? Your words were written, which means you could have at least proofread it before you pushed the publish button.

    My problem is not that you posted negative comments. My problem is that you posted negative comments very badly. Glass houses, pal.

    By Blogger Brook, at 8:17 PM  

  • Brook, for a pissed off english teacher whose never ending quest is to rid the world of bad grammar, for that the hat is tipped to you. However your taken this personally and insulted by the poor persons grammar perhaps adds to the argument? The not taken personally is clearly not meant as a magic device to whisk it all away. Intupretted as such is going to be the common view. To quote the fella (brain,Jamie, and I believe petter before hand)"opinions are like assholes (in which case I believe you me the poster) everyone has one and everyone stinks. You clearly can not ignore the echoes of truth in the message. He clealry doesn't know Jamie (PERSONALLY) but only his On-pod persona, so as to play critic ( someone has to, he only spoke what others may have said in person or via other medium, I assure you he was not the first nor is he the last.). He may be treating the show much like that a show or piece of entertainment(to which goes the old saying "if you don't like it don't listen or change the channel.") In my view hate would have been to comment at Jamie's person (i e his ideaologies(sp{which will piss off every english teacher and ex grad student}, views , opinions etc) or even attack the man. Now this assumes that Jamie would not take it personally ( were all human he may he may not), If he did, HE Clearly has a leigon of fallowers to counter this persons view The "1%" if you will. Your trouble seems to be his improper english, and apparent guise as a critic (a poorly written one and lets face it , its the fucking internet, the place is littered with them) JAMIE and crew know you can't please everyone all the time(Fuck a mature eight year old knows that).So instead of unleashing your inner english teachers frustration and rage at the poster, perhaps taking his poorly worded thoughts and sparking discussion would be more contstructive. That said a Good English lesson never hurt anyone. Though seeing how this is a type media and the age of shorthand perhaps the poster was also speaking extemporaneously.

    (yes I am aware of my lack of paragraphs, I apologeize to those whom found it a difficult read)

    ( That apology was meant for myself as it cleearly wouldn't whisk away anyones eye strain.)

    To the GEEKS ( I hope they don't take that personally ;) Keep up the good work.

    By Anonymous chuckles, at 10:53 PM  

  • Another great show guys. This is a little off topic, but I was wondering when you guys are going to do another all trivia show again. I thought it was one of your most entertaining podcasts since I felt like I could play along with all the questions. keep up the great work guys.

    - Tedman

    By Blogger Tedman, at 4:01 AM  

  • We almost did one the other day but not enough Geeks were present. We are planning another episode like that though. It was fun to do and we were a little surprised at how well it was received.

    By Blogger Peter, at 6:34 AM  

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