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Wednesday, May 25, 2005

Episode 24

Enough day-dreaming of Punky Brewster, download us now!
Episode 24 on MP3

Show Notes

Guest Starring Jamie & Shane

Smallville Season Finale spoiler-free review! As well as thoughts on the Batman Begins 10 minute preview, and even a little Charmed. (What the?)

Speak Out Peter goes on a rant about readers who want the original Batman back. Well which Batman is that Mr. Smarty-pants?

RIP Frank Gorshin, Riddler of the 60s Batman TV series

Listener Emails Andrew Watts from Jakarta Indonesia of http://dareverend.libsyn.com sends us his luv!


  • Just to prove to you that I don't only write to complain about the audio levels, I have to say that last couple of shows with multiple guests have sounded great. Everyone's been coming through clearly.

    Thanks for the effort!

    By Anonymous Tom, at 3:31 PM  

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