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Monday, February 18, 2008


The Dafixer's Hideout Podcast has picked CGS Ep.371: Top Five Couples as one of their Best in Podcast for that week. Other mentions in previous episodes include our CGS Debates: Stan Lee vs Jack Kirby and our Special Report on One More Day/Brand New Day. CGS was also one of five podcasts they chose as Best Podcasts of 2007. Yay! And while it's awesome to hear their feedback on our episodes (and they don't always agree with us either!), it's even more fun to hear their thoughts on the subject. In response to our Top Five Couples, Dafixer challenges his co-hosts to come up with the Top Five Black Couples in comics. The results are interesting, informing and even a little eye-opening. Give it a listen.

The best thing about their Best in Podcast segment is the sense of community they bring to their discussions. The Hideout hosts listen to tons of podcasts and they are one of the very few 'casts that make it a point to showcase their fellow podcasters as much as they can in each episode. For that, we say Bravo!

Dafixer's Hideout Ep.47 direct download.
Dafixer's Hideout Forum.



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