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Thursday, February 07, 2008


The following three comics from the current February Previews (for books potentially shipping in April) are our picks for this month's Indie Challenge. Each are discounted from the original cover price. Pre-order your copies (and a few for your friends!) at Discount Comic Book Service to receive the discounts or ask for them this month at your local comic shop.

by Martin, Provencher, Dzioba and Rodriquez
The worldwide populations suddenly gains the ability to fly! A desperate phone call from his son forces Paul Krutcher to run the gauntlet of insanity to get to Arizona; but with chaos ripping across the planet and everyone airborne, the journey through California won't be easy. Previews page 216. 52 pages. FC. Cover price $6.95, DCBS price 50% off. And check out the contest on their page to see how you can win a free custom lightsaber. You can get more info here.

GNOME ONE-SHOT (Superreal Graphics)
by Dave Dwonch
Gnomes are real! Believed to be simple yard decorations, these "Garden Gnomes" once roamed the Earth as its greatest protectors. Long ago a curse was laid upon them, petrifying them until the day they were needed to protect the Earth once more. In 1956, the world was in peril - and one lonely gnome answered the call! Previews page 342. 64 pages. FC. Cover price $6.99, DCBS price 45% off. DCBS customers will also receive a free sketch from Dave with your pre-order. You can get more info and a preview here.

WILD CARDS: THE HARD CALL #1 (of 6) (Dabel Bros.)
by Martin, Abraham and Battle
In 1946, an alien virus was unleashed that changed the world forever and people who were affected made their draw. Most drew the Black Queen and died horribly. Almost everyone who survived drew the Joker and became deformed, broken, hated and feared. But a handful drew the Ace, and gained super powers that allowed them to achieve almost anything the mind can conceive - both in dreams and in nightmares. Sixty years later, an ace named Croyd Crenson, better known as "the Sleeper", is framed for the murder of a young nurse in Jokertown. And as it turns out, the killer is another ace, with the ability to walk through walls! Meanwhile a group of teenagers in Colorado accidentally activate the dormant Wild Card Virus, causing the entire town of Whiteoak to experience the effects of the virus. Set in the world of the long-running series of popular Wild Card novels and featuring beloved characters from the original stories, this six issue series also introduces us to an entirely new generation of aces and jokes sure to change the Wild Card universe forever. Previews page 266. 32 pages. FC. Cover price $2.99, DCBS price 45% off. You can get more info here.

Help support these comics as they enter the marketplace and listen to an upcoming episode which will feature interviews with all three creative teams. Any DCBS customer that wants to add the books to their pre-existing order can e-mail DCBS. Thanks!



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