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Tuesday, January 31, 2006


For Immediate Release
Special events, book signings, exclusives and freebies featured

Devil’s Due is readying to excite its fans and convert new ones this year at the New York Comic Con (February 24 - 26). Everyone--and we mean all of New York and then some--should come by DDP’s booth (#617) and check out the new G.I. JOE: America’s Elite, G.I.Joe Special Missions: Manhattan, G.I.Joe vs. Transformers: The Art of War, Dragonlance: Chronicles, Forgotten Realms: Exile, FAMILY GUY, Hack/Slash, killer 7, and LO-FI Magazine! Featured at the booth will be artist signings, convention exclusives, original artwork freebies, previews and more!

Devil’s Due has a number of awesome events planned including:

Artists signing at DDP (booth #617) include – Flying in from Italy, Stefano Caselli (G.I.Joe: America’s Elite, Hack/Slash)– don’t miss this chance to meet this talented artist; amazing G.I.Joe legend Larry Hama (G.I.Joe), Tim Seeley (Forgotten Realms, Hack/Slash, G.I.Joe), Josh Blaylock (DDP President, G.I.Joe, How to Self Publish Comics, Arashikage Showdown, Penguin Bros.) Arvid Nelson (killer 7), and Sanford Greene (killer 7). Visit booth #617 for signing times and details. Original artwork will be for sale and artists are available for sketches. Signatures are always free at DDP! Check www.DevilsDue.net for updates.

Killer 7 #1 NYCC Exclusive – 500 Limited Edition copies available only at booth #617. Based on the wildly popular Capcom video game killer 7 #1; voted Best Adventure Game of 2005, Top 10 Most Violent Game, Best New Character, Best Story, and Most Outrageous Game by IGN.com. Featuring: writer Arvid Nelson, and artist Bong Dazo (El Dazo). When a volley of earth-shattering nuclear missiles are launched at Japan, it’s up to a group of assassins known as the killer 7 to stop the launch before Japan is reduced to an irradiated smear! The strike is linked to the Yakumo, a world-wide conspiracy responsible for a plague of zombie terrorists known as “Heaven’s Smiles.” The fates of millions hang in the balance. View cover and preview pages here: http://www.devilsdue.net/promo/killer7_1preview/

Guest Studio: Kinetic Underground - Creators of the new killer 7 comic and toys based on Capcom’s popular game will be at the DDP booth #617. Writer Arvid Nelson, cover artist Sanford Greene and Kinetic Underground President Dave Forrest will be on hand, and will have toy prototypes on display! Kinetic Underground will have a series of special one-of –a-kind killer 7 items for sale, including exclusive lithograph prints, posters, rare statues, the killer 7 #1 NYCC Exclusive, and more!

Freebies, Previews, Merch and Subscriptions – DDP knows what you want: tons of cool freebies, previews from up coming and unreleased titles, hard-to-find books, and the ability to sign up for subscriptions to your favorite titles. Come by booth #617 for all of this great stuff!

Submissions – DDP will be accepting drop-off submissions for pencilers, colorists, and more; however, DDP will be unable to do portfolio reviews during the NYCC.

Devil’s Due: Reminding everyone that pop culture IS our culture.


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