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Tuesday, April 12, 2005

Episode 10

Just Pete and I yapping away about comics. Download it now, bub.

Episode 10 on MP3

Special Thanks to Bob at GameCircuit.net for the bandwidth for our podcasts. Thanks also to Neil Gormon of the Comicology Podcast for the creation of the BatFeed, the RSS Feed for all comic podcasts. Kudos! finally, we've had the most downloads ever just a few days ago with 150! Someone's listening!

Coming Attractions for comics shipping in June; Spoiler free look at Previews and what we plan on buying from Hardcovers, to trades, to .25c issues and more.

Discussion Peter is starting to weed out his Marvel buying because of their recent price increase. How will this affect your comic buying?

Stump the Rios with lyrics! Peter gets 2 out of 3

Comics and Vocabulary What kind of words did you learn from reading comics?

Websites mentioned: www.gamecircuit.net, Mark Evanier's www.povonline.com

Recommendations: Dave Sim's Cerebus


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