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Monday, March 07, 2005

First Episode

Hey there everyone. We are here with our first ever podcast.

Click here for the mp3 file of the podcast

In this episode we introduce ourselves, talk about what comics shipped last week, and introduce you to our regular feature "Stump the Rios." Bryan asks Peter comic book trivia questions and sees what he knows. Please join us.

Show Notes:

Get to Know Us Bryan and Peter introduce themselves and discuss how long they’ve been reading comics

Shipping this Week for the week of March 2, 2005 and spoiler free!

Stump the Rios Weekly trivia segment where Bryan asks Peter 3 trivia questions to test his comic knowledge. This week he is 2 out of 3

Websites mentioned: www.newsarama.com, www.ebay.com, www.digitalpriest.com


  • Hi there everyone!

    Just a little more info on the Trivia Questions presented to me in our first episode:

    -Darkseid did apper in Superman's Pal Jimmy Olsen #134 (Dec'70) but in the DC Comics: Sixty Years of the World's Favorite Comic Book Heroes by Les Daniels, page 164, they list Jack Kirby's Fourth World as first appearing in Jimmy Olsen #133 (Oct'70). I don't have those issues so I'm not sure what is seen in the earlier issue.

    -Uncle Sam, Phantom Lady, Doll Man, Human Bomb, Ray, Black Condor, etc. were originally owned by Quality Comics, not Charlton (Charlton Comics had Blue Beetle, Cpt. Atom, Nightshade, Question, etc.) as I mistakenly referenced. Acquired in 1956, DC made use of Plastic Man and Blackhawk from the Quality lineup and combined the others as part of the Freedom Fighters in JLA vol.1 #107 (Oct'73) who were living on Earth-X. The tale of how the FF moved from Earth-2 to Earth-X is told in Roy Thomas' All-Star Squadron #31-35 (1984). It is in #31 that the "original" FFighters, also Quality characters, first appear together: Magno, Red Torpedo, Miss America, Invisible Hood (Justice) and Neon the Unknown. Each of these characters did appear in solo adventures starting in 1939. So technically that bit of "trivia" is a retcon (that I should've remembered).

    -Lady Shiva, considered to be the finest martial artist in the DCU (fighting it out for the top spot with Connor Hawke/Green Arrow III, Batman and the new Batgirl), was at one time believed to be Jason Todd's mother.

    Hope you enjoyed the show! Feel free to write in your own trivia questions.


    By Blogger Peter, at 3:21 AM  

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